Where to find current, official information for Canada and the US when crossing the border along the Alaska Highway

If you’re going to do the Alaska Highway road trip for real, you’ll be driving its entire length and crossing the border from Canada into the United States or vice-versa (depending on where you start the trip).

In this, the era of increased security along national borders worldwide, it will save you time and hassles to pay attention to what’s required of travellers moving between our two countries.

This story can change suddenly, as we’ve seen from recent global news, so we begin our advice by telling you that the best place to review regulations and find out what exactly to expect at the US and Canada border crossings (along the Alaska Highway) is to visit the official government websites.

Here are the links to the official websites and a synopsis of some of the important information sections you’ll find on each:

Canada Border Services Agency website

Things you should plan for when entering Canada:

  • Have proper identification
  • What you can bring with you
  • Making your declaration
  • Travelling with alcohol and tobacco
  • Restricted/prohibited goods
  • Travelling with CAN$10,000 or more
  • Travelling with gifts
  • Can I enter Canada?

Whether you’re returning home or visiting, Canada Border Services wants to help you plan your trip across the border! Here is some key information to check out;

  1. Current wait times at the border
  2. Plan your trip across the border
  3. Download the CanBorder app

US Customs and Border Protection

Things you should plan for when entering the USA:

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