You’re northbound on the Alaska Highway through the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.

This “municipality” is an enormous slice of spectacular British Columbia (BC) – about 10% of it, in fact – BC being a large province in the world’s second largest country.

As you approach Alaska Highway Kilometre 681, it comes into view: Twelve kilometres of beautiful, jade-colored water along the Trout River, surrounded by towering peaks.

You’ve reached Muncho Lake.

In Kaska language, Muncho translates into “big lake” or “big water”.

This water was left by the last ice age.

The mountain peaks are the Terminal Range of the Muskwa Ranges to the west and the Sentinel Range to the east. They reach altitudes of more than 2,000 metres (6,600 feet).

The lake itself lies at an elevation of 820 metres (2,690 feet) and hosts an abundance of wildlife in the valleys and on the slopes surrounding it, as well as in its waters.

What do we mean by abundance?

How about caribou, moose, sheep and mountain goats. Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, lynx, martins, marmots, fishers and beavers. Congregations of Canada geese, ducks, grebes, mergansers and loons. And swimming through the crisp, clear waters: Lake trout, bull trout, mountain whitefish and Arctic grayling, to name the most popular catches.

Muncho Lake Alaska Highway Fishing

At 86,079 hectares, Muncho Lake Provincial Park delivers breathtaking views and unrivalled recreational opportunities that include angling, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, scenic viewing, hunting, camping and mountaineering (mainly along the Toad River valley’s dolomite walls).

There are two campgrounds here, and several comfortable resort lodges (think pristine surroundings, gourmet meals, first class accommodations and wood burning saunas).

You really should stop here.

Muncho Lake Alaska Highway View