We are stoked to introduce this months #guestgrammer @northkourt !

Kourtni is a northern BC based adventure photographer who can often be found in her element while out exploring the vast and unruly wilderness accessible by the Alaska Highway

Words and captions by @northkourt.

“Muncho Lake under the midnight sun. The days near summer solstice are some of my favorite, as the dusk and dawn mesh together and leave all the more hours of daylight to fish.”

“While there are several trails off the Alaska Highway that are well worth the hike, for those looking to get off-the-beaten path, the opportunities are endless. The entire six days we camped at this unnamed alpine lake, we had it entirely to ourselves. Planning and preparation is essential for any journey into untrodden country, but well worth the effort.”

“The Alaska Highway is the starting point for any adventure into the Muskwa Kechika, a 6.4 million hectare wilderness area unlike any other in North America. Designated access management routes, such as this one here called the Wokkpash Corridor, can take you off the highway and deeper into the wilds.”

“As autumn makes it’s way to the north the nights get longer, but they aren’t always darker. On this crisp night it was well worth jumping out of the sleeping bag to watch the skies light up as the Northern Lights danced overhead.”


“Cruising the Alaska Highway on a cold day in December. Each corner I take reminds me, there is no place quite like home.”

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-The Alaska Highway