Pouce Coupe

Welcome to Pouce Coupe

You can start your Alaska Highway and northeastern BC adventures right here in Pouce Coupe. This little village although small – with less than 800 residents – has a surprising amount to offer. Although the locals have heard their community pronounced in a few, sometimes interesting ways, the original name came from the Chief of the Beaver Nation, “Pooscapee”.

Pouce Coupe is an honorary Alaska Highway community! Just 10km off the Alaska Highway, this community was just as involved in the construction as the ones directly on it. In 1942 the population swelled, as the US Army unloaded thousands of men and construction materials nearby to begin the construction.

Website: www.poucecoupe.ca
Phone: (250) 786-5555

Visitor Centre

5006 49th Ave.
Pouce Coupe, BC V0C 2C0

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