At, you can view highway conditions, traffic and weather information at a glance, before you get there, avoiding problems.

Alaska Highway Drive BC

Once you’re on the website, to view the highway webcams, simply select a tab for a region (you’ll want NR-Northern Region) and then click on a specific highway.


The Map View provides three optional weather layers: weather forecast (provided by Environment Canada), current weather (provided by Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure weather stations) and high elevation weather (provided by Environment Canada). Additionally, weather information is provided below each webcam image.

How to get notifications of new and updated events

DriveBC features a new email subscription service that allows you to register for email notification of new or updated events in your district or along your preferred routes.

How to report problems on the highway

– For downed power lines please call 1-888-769-3766
– To report a dangerous goods spill, call 1-800-663-3456 (24 hours)
– DriveBC features contact information and links for other types of highway problems

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure plans transportation networks, provides transportation services and infrastructure, develops and implements transportation policies, and administers many related acts and regulations as well as federal-provincial funding programs, including the Building Canada Fund.

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