Canada’s 150th coincides with the Alaska Highway’s 75th

As we continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway, it’s important to note that much of this World War II continental defense route was made possible as the result of cooperation between Canada and the US, allies in defense. Many Canadians, along with the Government of Canada, helped to clear the way for the US Army in 1942.

Built to defend against Japanese attack after Pearl Harbour and the occupation of the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Highway is now recognized globally as a world class road trip through one of the most pristine wilderness frontiers left on the planet.

This weekend, Canada turns 150 years young and people from coast to coast to coast and then some will be celebrating a century and a half of life as a modern nation.

If you’re planning a trip along the Alaska Highway during 2017 – and especially if you’re reading this while on the highway right now – think about what makes you proud, what holds nations together and what our global community has to share, now and in the future.

Our true North strong and free is truly strong and free as well as absolutely spectacular in northern British Columbia and the Yukon, with the Alaska Highway making it accessible. If you’ve never been to any of these parts, you should get them on your list!

We thank our American friends for their efforts in defending our continent – and then some – during the World War II construction of what is now a world class, continental highway.

We stand proud of our own Canadian contributions to the war victories that have kept us – and other nations — free.

And we invite the peace-loving world to celebrate with us, to see our wildlife and our rugged, remote North American vistas – mostly as they were several decades back – pristine and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Happy 150th Canada, and Happy 75th, Alaska Highway!