Tumbler Ridge

Welcome to Tumbler Ridge

Taking a minor detour from your Alaska Highway trip, you will go approximately 120km south east to visit the community of Tumbler Ridge. This community is a dream destination for the outdoor enthusiast, made up of waterfalls, unique rock formations, alpine meadows and lakes, canyons, mountain summits, caves and more. Tumbler Ridge was originally created as a mining community in the 1980’s but has since redeveloped for eco-tourism.

The biggest shift to eco-tourism came after the discovery of dinosaur footprints, fossils, and bones. This lead to the creation of the Tumbler Ridge Unesco Global Geopark.   It has an amazing diversity of outstanding and accessible mountain geology, extraordinary waterfalls, breath taking scenery and dinosaur fossils.

Website: www.tumblerridge.ca
Phone: (250) 242-3123

Visitor Centre

265 Southgate St.
Tumbler Ridge, BC V0C 2W0

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